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Constance NCIS - Audition Scene

 A Mother's Love - NCIS Scene - The LoveBoat

False Fun Facts with Miss Information

Dr. Haden - Monologue - Alternate Take

Film Clips

Film clip of rude customer with Boston accent courtesy of SUMMER ISSUES, Another Theory Productions 
Film clip of Barb, dysfunctional mother with a drinking problem. Courtesy of Paragods The Intervention/Cocktail Party, Season 3,
Episode 301, Shawn Allen Productions.
Film clip of manipulative widow Abigail Reece, from film Sunny Side Up. Courtesy of Old Man Henry Productions.
Dramatic Film clip - Cult Leader, Cult of Ammon, courtesy of Bottletree Films.
Film clip of interviewee Sugar, hippie (former?) drug addict courtesy of The Fastest, Most Romantic Love Yet, Dueling Hamilton Productions.

Film Clip of Nurse Janet from The Girl In The Attic - courtesy of Seth Chitwood, Anglewood Pictures.

Office Manager- Clip courtesy of Shawn Allen Films
Film clip of Yvonne, the self-absorbed, maleficent cougar Mother courtesy of Just You & Me & Your Lonely Mother, Caldera Productions.

Comedic Reel

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