Angela Harrer & Andrew Eldridge, Producers of The Folklorist:

"We've had the pleasure of working with Lin on several segments of The Folklorist over the past few years, and we always look forward to each and every shoot with her. She shows up early and prepared, and is so easy to work with. Her instincts for character are always spot on, and she has the unique ability to adapt into any role while making it look effortless. We look forward to the next opportunity we have to work with her."

Mike Melo, Director of Sunny Side Up, Old Man Henry Productions:

“From her willingness to play and be vulnerable in her audition to the performance she gifted the film, it was a pleasure collaborating with Lin and I'm grateful we met through Sunny Side Up.”

Shane Butler, Director of The Fastest, Most Romantic Love Yet, Dueling Hamilton Productions:

"As an actor, few have stood out to me as prepared and fun to work with as Lin Hultgren.

I was shooting multiple scenes on the same set in a single day. Everything needed to happen according to plan for it to work. Lin showed up early for her scene and she knew absolutely all of her lines--and not the kind of knowing your lines where you flub up sometimes, like actually knew all her lines to the word. Because she was playing a relapsed addict, she showed up with makeup induced track marks. That is the kind of dedication to her character she will bring. But perhaps the most important thing she will bring is fun. Lin Hultgren is a true delight to work with."

Shawn Allen, Director of Paragods, Shawn Allen Films

"Lin is a delight to work with. She comes prepared and takes direction very well. She has also been great with ideas and writing. I would use her any chance I can. "

Steven Lee Day, Director, Caldara Productions:

“Lin Hultgren played one of the co-leads, 'Yvonne,' in my short comedy, 'Just You and Me and Your Lonely Mother'. In this film her character was a cougar mom who enjoyed toying with her daughter's shaky marriage.  She was also cast in my film series 'Transaction' where she played former beauty queen-turned-human-resources-manager 'Morgan Haught Hawdie'.  Lin is a director's dream: She has an eye-arresting presence and always raises the bar on my films.  And Lin is simply lovely to work with; she understands and can easily handle physical comedy and works very hard on set, take after take. There is a courageousness and bravura in her ability to tackle the kinds of comically provocative characters I write. I look forward to casting Lin in upcoming roles.”

Adam Vera, Director, Deep of the Sea:

"I worked with Lin on the "Deep Of The Sea" set where she played the Sea Queen of Atlantis. She captured the elegance and grace of the sea queen and could also switch between being both gentle and tough as the sea queen would be. I  would highly recommend Lin for future projects!